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“Let's meat you up”.

We use nothing but the tenderest and freshest joints and cuts of meat to prepare our suya. Our joints and cuts are sourced every morning straight from our animal ranch where we rear the best of the best just for you. We adhere to the strictest levels of hygiene in the preparation of our suya delicacies. Our meat cuts are professionally dressed in a clean environment prior to being grilled to give you that premium quality suya.

Soj Suya's


Where food is the culture! We all eat similar foods but call or cook it something different. Soj Suya is a place where all can come and find something to eat. From our grilled to sauteed selections, eat and join the Soj Suya Culture!

We founded Soj Suya to offer the best Suya and Grill service on the Continent. Join us on this journey and lets enjoy fantastic Suya and Grill all the way to success! Lots of Love!